When choosing a system remember;


Hot Water Circulation and Hot Water Recirculation


Hot Water Circulation System (highest install cost, highest operating cost, greatest hot water comfort, no influence on cold water comfort)

A hot water circulation system / closed-loop system uses a dedicated hot water pipe which loops throughout the home beginning and ending at the water heater.  With this type of system the temperature of the hot water which is instantly available out of the tap can be near scolding if the owner so desires.  These systems initial cost can be quit high as it requires double the amount of piping to build the complete dedicated loop in the home and is usually only done during the building process.  Creating a hot water loop in a already built structure can cost two to three times the cost if it was installed during the initial build of the home.  The operating expense of these systems are always  higher when compared to a recirculation system due to the higher thermal energy used and the near double the amount of heat loss which occurs from twice the length of pipe as a standard home without such a system.  With these systems the pump is generally installed at the end of the hot water loop and attached to the water heater.  Control is often limited to a 24hr timer at an additional cost.


Hot Water Recirculation (lower install cost, lower operating cost, lower hot water temperature, influence on cold water comfort)

A hot water recirculation system / open-loop system utilizes the homes existing cold water pipe to return cooled down water from within the hot water pipes back to the water heater for reheating.  System efficiency, degree of hot and cold water comfort is directly dependant on the systems ability or inability in accurately controlling; flow, crossover mixing, pumping operations, system activation/scheduling.  Control of these factors require accurate monitoring of temperature deltaT between both hot and cold lines.  Generally, the greater level of control / technology, the higher the efficiency and comfort.  The highest level of comfort requires that homeowner have ability to select / control temperature to match their desired comfort level and reduce wait times for hot or cold water delivery. 






ReadyTemp is a dual compatible hot water circulation / recirculation system.  Working proficiently on both a closed loop system in which a dedicated return line exist as well as in homes in which no dedicated return line exists.   installs at the farthest faucet from the water heater as shown by the below diagram.  We know that if the water is hot at the bathroom sink in the diagram below, it will also be hot at the shower, kitchen sink, dish washer and washing machine.  A state-of-the-art controller board utilizing an ultra-sensitive stainless steel water contacting temperature probe accurately monitors actual real time hot water temperature while simultaneously controlling pump cycling, integrated check-valves (also made of DuPont patented non-stick calcium-proof material) and stainless steel solenoid valve operations to maximize efficiency. Sensing that the water in the hot water line has lowered, a low-power maintenance-free, whisper quiet professional grade pump, pumps the cooled down water out of the hot water line, into the cold water line where it's finally returned back to the water heater.  Upon sensing water temp equal to the owners desired “dialed-In” temperature, the pump stops.  While some recirculation systems on the market require continuous pumping during scheduled-on periods.  The ReadyTemp conserves energy by cycling the pump on and off based on temperature to greatly increase the life of the pump as well as to preserve cold water comfort.



hot water circulation process, ReadyTemp pumps cooled down water out of the hot water line and back to the water heater using the homes existing cold water line.  When the hot water is again hot, the pump stops.


ReadyTemp's adjustable comfort (temperature control) dial gives owners a means to easily dial-in all their homes hot water faucets / showers to their desired instant hot water temperature and readiness.  ReadyTemp's manifold never needs cleaning due to the DuPont patented calcium-proof material from which it's constructed.  This guarantees year after year uninterrupted reliability, well beyond the industry standard lifespan. 



Hot water circulation systems with a dedicated return line often utilize a pump installed at the water heater and continuously pump during scheduled-on time periods.  As the above illustration shows installing a ReadyTemp at or nearest to the farthest hot water usage point instead of at the hot water heater eliminates wasting thermal energy along unused return lines.  Significant savings will also be realized from ReadyTemp's temperature based "cyclic" pumping operations minimizing both electrical and thermal energy consumption while still maintaining the homeowners selected hot water comfort temps throughout the hot water line.


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