Efficient Hot Water Circulation Control For Optimum Hot Water Convenience


ReadyTemp's  limitless control customization and optimize-able temperature setpoint eliminates all-to-common problems voiced by users of other systems, like;

Every ReadyTemp hot water circulator offers homeowners a multitude of choices in activation methods, readiness and comfort temp's to achieve their desired hot water lifestyle.   Through system optimization, homeowners experience record hot water comfort and real-world convenience while  minimizing demand and extending the life of their water heater and circulation system.




Adjustable Pump Cut-off Temperature is 40F -  118 F



Inaccurate temperature sensing affects comfort and efficiency.  ReadyTemp systems utilize a "water contacting" stainless steel temperature probe for real world temperature accuracy and minimal pump operations.  With the ReadyTemp if you get more than 3 seconds of warmish water from the cold tap where the ReadyTemp is installed, simply turn the temperature dial counter clockwise just a hair.  Turn the dial clockwise if you desire hotter instant hot water.  After only a few adjustments your homes hot water circulation system temperature will be calibrated to deliver the maximum possible hot water without suffering long waits for cold water.  ReadyTemp adjustments are incremental to 0.5F degrees.  Of the few products offered by competitors higher priced pumps with limited adjustable temperature control, adjustments (require a tiny screwdriver and often a flashlight) are limited at 4 to 5 degree increments.  Resulting in pumps either over-pumping (stops too late, too much hot water enters cold water line, now wait for cold water) or under-pumping (pump stops too soon, user still waits for hot water).  In either case, the homeowner is left frustrated as time, water and energy continues to be wasted because they can't accurately optimize their system / hot water lifestyle. 




Pump Stops      HW  / CW READINESS Needless Demand @Water Heater From Waste Corrective Action
Too Soon  Wait /  Ready "very cold" city water enters WH during HW waiting energy / water Raise Temp Setpoint Slightly
Too Late Ready /  Wait    hot water fills CW line / CW line water enters water heater energy / water Lower Temp Setpoint Slightly
Optimum Time Ready / Ready NONE - minimum possible water enters water heater - -



TRUE WIRELESS WITHOUT RANGE or LINE-OF-SITE LIMITATIONS products mentioned below passed rigorous testing and available for purchase with system purchase


                    MOTION SENSOR ACTIVATION                                             WIRELESS PUSH-BUTTON ACTIVATION



SIMPLE WIRELESS Integration/setup:


1.  Connect 2 middle phone cord wires to screw posts on face of Universal Module "C"

2.  Plug Universal Module "C" into wall outlet                                                                                              C = $30 (1 per system)

3.  Plug Transceiver Module "B" into wall outlet within 50' where wireless activation is desired                        B = $25 (1 within 50' of transmitter)

4.  Press button on Wireless Key Remote "E" to initiate a single-cycle                                                          E = $20 (1 per activation point)


       Note: The cycle will end automatically when hot water reaches the ReadyTemp when installed under a sink (or where ever the temperature probe has been located to avoid needlessly / repeatedly heating the ass-end of the loop) installed to avoid is installed on closed-loop systems.  Off buttons on key remote are not used.


     Motion Sensor "D" can be wall mounted or sit on any flat surface and aimed towards a trigger

      zone or placed in a way that a simple hand swipe near the hot water tap causes it to trigger.                        D = $25 (1 per activation point)

                                 uses 2 "AAA" batteries Quality DuraCell Batteries last 2 Years

      NOTE: To prevent unnecessary activations aim sensor away from common traffic areas.  Strategic placement / sensor aim can allow

                    a simple hand movement within the trigger area to activate a single cycle.


Benefits include:                                                                                                                                   

    No wires to run (system uses homes existing power lines to relay signals/commands)

    Uses standard batteries available at drug stores, etc. (compared to competitor more expensive12v type that last few months)

For multiple wireless activation points throughout a home simply install additional remotes "E's" within 50' of any transceiver module "B's" where ever remote activation is desired. 

"B" is a Transceiver Module it "transmits" and "receives" commands.  Commands are transmitted using the homes wiring system to Module "C" which in-turn momentarily connects the phone wires connected to it.  Only one (1) module "C" is needed per pump location.  The wall socket prongs on module "C" are on the back near the top to prevent blocking the second wall socket. 

Push-button operation requires one "E" within 50' and a "B" at each remote location

E = Wireless Remote;  Push-button wireless remote, easily mounts using velcro strip or magnet.
B =
Transceiver Module; Relay's on-command using the homes electrical wiring to activate "C".

Motion activated operation requires one "D" and one "B" at each remote location

D = Motion Sensor;  uses AAA batteries (battery life 1 year) place facing toilet / stall or other direction require a passing hand to activate.
B =
Transceiver Module Relay's on-command using the homes electrical wiring to activate "C".

In the above diagrams a user would push button "E" or trip motion sensor "D" causing a start command to be transmitted.  The transmitted signal received by "B" is in-turn transmitted to "C" using the homes existing electrical wires.  Power line Command technology is not limited like most wireless devices which have limitations in range or obstructions, so you never experience problems of being too far away or line-of-sight issues experienced with other on-demand hot water circulators.



The RJ11 phone jack on every ReadyTemp allows for on-demand / push-button "single cycle" operation.  If / when used in conjunction with a timer during a scheduled-off period, the push-button acts as a single-cycle override adding additional convenience to a families lifestyle.  Wiring additional push-buttons is easy using a 3 to 1 or larger phone adapter "F" shown above.  Cut one end off a standard phone cord, strip the two middle wires and connect to any non-illuminating doorbell button "G" or other type of momentary contact switch Plug the opposite end of the phone cord into the RJ11 jack.  Anytime the button is pressed the system will run until the temperature setpoint is satisfied and then stop.  The system will not run again unless either the timer schedules operation or the button is pressed.   Note: RJ11 socket is dry / non-powered, activation occurs when a change in resistance is detected during  momentary contact closure.



ReadyTemp is designed with built-in quick and easy plug-n-play control customization.  Most any outlet controlling device can be swapped out with the digital timer to achieve unique style of operation .  The outlet control devices shown above are examples of the countless types on the market.   These were all found on the internet, priced less than $20 each and typically available in big brand stores and home improvement centers.