In an emailed invitation to the WaterSmart Innovations Expo we asked owners to comment on their ReadyTemp

I have been using the ReadyTemp hot water circulator for over a year. It's operation is controlled from 3 different sinks by hard-wired momentary switches and an RF transmitter/receiver. Since the furthest faucet is at least 60 feet from the water heater, we have saved at least 10 gallons of water per day by avoiding the need to let water run for hot water delivery. The pump works flawlessly and is fully adjustable. I am very happy with it. I would recommend it to anyone with long hot water piping runs, especially in areas with high water rates or on private wells.

K. Schmalz

I purchased a ReadyTemp after unsatisfactory performance with another brand of hot water circulator purchased at Home Depot.  The Home Depot product gave hot water out of the cold faucets, making it undesirable to use.  The ReadyTemp unit performed much better, and I bought a second one for the second hot water circuit in my house.  I am very pleased with ReadyTemp and recommend it without reservation.

T. Stuart Harris

"We had a Ready Temp hot water circulator unit installed in our new home about three months after we moved into the house.  That was nine years ago.  For whatever the reason, the contractor had not put a hot water recirculating system in the home, and the gas hot water heater is about 60 feet from the master bathroom and the laundry room.

Immediately after we had the Ready Temp installed, we could tell the difference in the amount of time it took to get hot water to the master bath shower and sinks. It made significant differences in our hot water heating costs and in our water usage.

At this time, we have nothing but praise for the Ready Temp hot water recirculating unit.

Ray & Patty Newton

Prescott, AZ

The ReadyTemp hot water circulator is a great product which performs in all respects as advertised. I installed it under the sink in our master bathroom which is a good 75 feet from the hot water heater in my garage. Prior to installing the ReadyTemp we had to wait almost 2 minutes for hot water at this location. With the ReadyTemp and its included timer, we have instant hot water with no water waste down the drain. It also provides instant hot water at every other fixture in the whole house when activated.

I also wired a doorbell button switch to the unit so that we could have hot water on demand for non scheduled times on the timer. This is a super product that is far superior to every other hot water circulator that I researched and its engineering and features are well worth the higher price when compared to the competition.

J. F. Garner
Richmond, VA


We live in an area of rural Montana where the residents have to haul in every drop of water they consume in their home. We have had one of your circulators in service now for about a couple of years and I'm sure it's paid for itself not only in water savings but the convenience of having hot water when we want it..( It works with a timer system). I'm also sure I've probably sold a few by word-of-mouth talking about it to friends.

I don't understand why more people don't have these systems. They are easy to install; run quiet and trouble free and save a lot of water and time which equates to money. I know your system is not the least expensive but it is the best of the three I've tried out.  You get what you pay for these days.  Yours is the one I recommend over everything out there.  Water is precious as we know in our area and should not be wasted.

Thanks for the good product.

Joe Porter
Billings, Montana


My brother-in-law purchased one and told us how great it was to have hot water on demand and that sold us. We have had a Readytemp for 5+ years and will not be without.  All 4 of our children now have the units in their homes as well.

Jo Brown, Controller
Tempe, AZ


We live in a home built in 1816, and plumbing was obviously added at a later date, which resulted in long piping runs to reach distant bathrooms. We bought our ReadyTemp last year and it's one of the best investments we have made in the twenty-five years we have owned our home. The convenience of having hot water "right now" - especially in our cold New England winters is a fabulous luxury. We have the ReadyTemp on all the time, and have noticed no change in our electric bills. I would heartily recommend this product.

Joyce Thomas
Brentwood, NH

To whom it may concern:

We've owned our Ready Temp recirculating pump for a year and a half now and are very pleased with its function and design. We can't say enough wonderful things about this pump!  We definitely would and have recommended the Ready Temp recirculating pump.

Thank you.

John Peebles

Durham, NC

I can tell you that we have been using the ReadyTemp Optimizer for two years now quite successfully. The installation was simple and straight-forward and unit has worked flawlessly ever since.

A satisfied customer.

Peter Eisenberg
Pawleys Island, SC

My hot water heater and bathrooms are at opposite ends of my house. It used to take forever to get hot water to the bathrooms. Since installing your hot water circulating pump we get hot water in just a few seconds. The installation was very easy since you don't have to do any cutting (unlike some other units). I highly recommend this unit to anyone who is tired of waiting for hot water. You also conserve a lot of water by not letting the tap run so long.

Wayne Talley
Durham, NC

I have used the ReadyTemp now for about 1 year, and it works. I'd recommend this easy to install product to anyone who wants to decrease their wait for hot water.? The water savings are terrific.

Thanks again for a great product.

S. Tollman
Tucson, Az

My experience with the ReadyTemp unit in my home is that is has delivered several benefits. First and foremost, my wife is very happy that she does not have to wait on hot water to arrive at her shower - it's there in a matter of a few seconds! Her being happy is an excellent benefit for me as well! The unit has been maintenance free and very easy to control with the timer included.

I appreciate the value of a well manufactured product that operates as it was designed to and without the need for on-going maintenance. The ReadyTemp unit is that type of product!  I have recommended it to friends and family and would certainly buy it again!

Thank You!

Don Schultz

I used ReadyTemp on two dental offices that did not originally have a recirculation pump planned. In both cases the customer was very happy with the outcome and performance of ReadyTemp. Each time, I installed them myself in about 15 minutes per unit. I would advise anyone needing instant hot water to used ReadyTemp.

Poimboeuf Homes, INC
Barry Poimboeuf

We put in the ReadyTemp hot water circulator and were
amazed that it was easy to put in and it worked without incident. We have had

no problems with it at all.

Thank you for a fine product.

John and Linda French

I have 3. One in my bathroom where it makes BIG savings to water use due to the length of the run.

And one at each end of my boat. As in the house, these are wired to operate off a switch which is located in each shower area and in the galley. The whole idea is to minimize water loss while waiting for hot water. The net result is that our water maker use drops a lot.

Great product that functions exactly as advertised.

Terry Berkemeier

I love my ReadyTemp! My bedroom is on the third floor of my row house, so waiting for the shower or sink water to warm up took a long time and wasted water. The ReadyTemp is whisper quiet and works quickly.  Mine has the timer, but I have found that I prefer to turn it on manually when I need it.  

Anne McCarthy