Efficient Hot Water Circulation


ReadyTemp Intelli-Circ Optimizing Controller

                  Thermal Logic Controller for Greener Efficient Hot Water Circulation

Reducing hot water circulation pump runtimes saves energy and extends the life of system components.  Hot water circulating pumps which operate based only on time-of-day are common in today's homes and businesses.  While even fewer hot water circulating pumps minimize operations by utilizing temperature as a controlling factor.  When temperature sensors are utilized, it's typically attached on to the outside of the pipe near the hot water circulating pump at the end of the hot water circulation loop.  Pump operations controlled only by time, results in continuous pumping and demand on both hot water circulating pump and water heater, even during periods when hot water is already present throughout the system.  Additionally, limiting hot water circulation operations based on the presence of hot water at the last load is more efficient then a sensor placed near the hot water circulating pump.  Repeatedly heating pipes beyond the last hot water load waste energy.


Intelli-Circ Controllers effectively converts most any 115v hot water circulating pump lacking control capabilities to one with greener efficient control and endless customization capabilities.  Incorporating Intelli-Circ control to a new or existing hot water circulation system instantly provides owners a means of reducing demand using control logic to; manage system temperatures, system activation methods and minimize pump operations (pump/water heater demand).   Thereby, providing convenient hot water to occupants living simple or complex lifestyles.  Intelli-Circ's  flexible installation allows a water contacting temperature sensor to be strategically located near the last hot water load.  Thereby, instantly reducing pump cycle runtimes and demand on the water heater for years to come.  Including an Intelli-Circ Controller in your project ensures occupants have a multitude of control options to minimize hot water demand as well as unequaled customizable hot water readiness to match any lifestyle.

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Benefits include;




Simple "Plug-in" Installation


      Controls two loads (X2) simultaneously (pump / solenoid)                                             Controls a single (X1) load or pump

                                                      model TLC-X2-115                                                                                          model TLC-X1-115 







































 Keyhole cutouts on back make mounting quick / easy



plumbing diagram closed loop system

In a traditional closed circulation system the pump is installed at the water heater.  The above black arrows indicate the long return

pipe which would repeatedly / continuously fill with hot water.  With the last hot water load on the system being at the opposite end of the home from the water heater, valuable energy is wasted heating the return pipe while depreciating system components in the process.




by reducing demand and increasing component lifecycle


plumbing diagram

By installing the intelli-circ water contacting temperature probe at or near the last hot water load, considerable savings are possible.  Pump cycles are reduced in half, minimizing demand on both pump and water heater while extending their life span. 


 Use a "T" fitting to connect the return line to the water heaters drain spout.   Now, the return water entering the water heater will stir the water up at the bottom and help prevent sediment from building up at the bottom of the water heater.  Thereby, increasing the life of the water heater and maintain efficiency.




Existing Pump

  • Plug existing hot water circulation pump power cord into the Intelli-Circ Controllers POWER OUT TO PUMP socket.

  • Set existing hot water circulation pump to ALWAYS ON and MAX TEMP if options exist.


Controller / Temperature probe Installation

  • Install temperature probe on circulation pipe

  • Set desired temperature to maintain in pipes using the adjustment dial.

  • Program digital timer to desired operating periods, if desired

  • Mount on wall using keyhole cutouts on backside of control box.

  • Using supplied detachable power cord, plug cord into controller power inlet socket.  Plug the other end into a grounded wall socket.

On Demand Hot Water Circulation

With a standard 2 or 4 wire phone cord (available at 99 cent stores) plug one end into controller.  On the other end of the phone cord, cut off the adapter,  strip insulation from the two middle wires and connect to a doorbell button or other momentary switch.  Now, anytime the button is pressed the system will energize hot water circulation pump until the temperature probe senses water equal to the temperature dial setpoint and stop.  Note: Activation occurs the instant the button is pressed.  The user "IS NOT" required to hold down the button for one or more seconds like other systems.


For additional control options view CONTROL / ACTIVATION and WIRELESS OPTIONS



Homeowner has a closed loop hot water circulation system with a pump installed at the water heater.  His gas bills have always seemed high and believes it's due to the hot water circulation pump running 12 hours a day non-stop.   He enjoys not having to wait for hot water but, really doesn't require scalding 120F degree water instantly out his taps, which has on more than one occasion, shocked guests/grand kids.  Since he travel's a lot he's only home a few day's out of the week so a typical 24hr timer is not a solution.


Homeowner unplugs his existing pumps power cord from the wall and plugs it into the
Intelli-Circ Controllers power outlet socket. This gives the Intelli-Circ full control over when the pump runs and doesn't run.  Homeowner decides the extra effort of installing the temperature probe at the last hot water load should be worth it since it will prevent heating 75' of return pipe each time the system is energized.   Homeowner feels great as he  realizes the number of hours his pump won't be running when he's away, not to mention the 75' of pipe that won't be filled each time due to the strategically locatable temperature probe he just installed.  The homeowner programs the timer with the specific days of the week and the hours of those day's which he will likely use hot water then re-inserts the timer back into the controllers timer-socket.  Homeowner knows he'll be saving energy making him feel good inside.  It's then that he spots the RJ11 phone jack on the control box and decides to save even more by adding on-demand operations using a doorbell button and a phone cord.  Now, he has the ability to push a button, activating the system for a single-cycle anytime he wants convenient hot water during scheduled-off times.



      Model #                                                                                                                   


   TLC-X1-115      $189  Controller configured for (1) pump / load control, Digital Timer, Power Cord, Temp Probe w/ 1/2" brass fittings, install guide, 1 Year Warranty


   TLC-X2-115      $199  Controller configured for (2) pumps / loads, Digital Timer, Power Cord, Temp Probe w/ 1/2" brass fittings, install guide, 1 Year Warranty



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