Texas State Licensed Master Plumber 40+ yrs experience;

"In all my years of installing hot water recirculation systems, I have never seen a product that out-performs the ReadyTemp! I have used / installed virtually every other hot water recirculator on the market and though they all recirculate hot water  or provide "on demand hot water ", none can compare with the performance, versatility, longevity, economical operating cost, maintenance free performance or the energy saving features that ReadyTemp provides day-in and day-out! I offer the ReadyTemp hot water  recirculator to my customers because it is the very best I've found! If I ever find a better hot water recirculator, I'll quit offering this one and make the very best available to my customer base because I'm not satisfied selling "2nd best products!" ReadyTemp isn't the lowest priced hot water recirculator on the market. It is however the very best and we all know the very best is never the lowest priced!"


"Tried CHILIPEPPER - noise level unacceptable - returned."

R. Josephson               
Rockledge, FL

"My 2nd CHILIPEPPER went bad in 5 YEARS. I always hated the noise. Even my neighbors could hear it. I decided to try the ReadyTemp and couldn't believe the difference. Although it cost more the difference in quality and noise reduction is well worth it. I have to open the cabinet and strain to hear it."

A. DuVall                                              before 3 min 20 sec after  0 min 3 sec
North Port, FL

"ONE ReadyTemp did what TWO Autocirc's could not! This is a great product!! Well worth the money."

C. McShaffrey
Palm Desert, CA

"Since installing our ReadyTemp unit our WATER BILLS are DOWN an average of 25% from last year."

D. Sauers
Leland, NC

"Very easy to install and setup.  Very quiet."

R. Damron                                           before 5 min 00 sec after 0 min 3 sec
Culver City, CA

"My wife has arthritis in her hands.  She really appreciates having hot water available immediately whenever she washes her hands."

R. Mason             
Rockledge, FL

"What I like the most about ReadyTemp, IT WORKS!!  We now have hot water in 2-3 seconds and we don't waste any water down the drain.  ReadyTemp was simple to install.  I had previously installed LAING AUTOCIRC but it never worked."

B. Zublionis,                                        before 2 min 30 sec after 0 min 3 sec
Marietta, GA


"It is extremely quiet and works great.  I love the control I have of the temperature."

D. Bowie, Raleigh, NC


"The back of our house is a long way from the water heater.  We were tired of wasting so much water.  We had been asking around for quite sometime.  Our son saw one on the program "This Old House".  Hot water wait time prior to install 3 Min 30 Seconds.  After install 4 Seconds

K.Wright, Valley Springs, CA


Compact Good Looking unit.  Can be installed easily by any one.  Instructions are easily understood.

R. L. Dalton, Acampo, CA


Easy to purchase and install.  Makes a big difference in convenience.

F. Jones, Bethesda, MD


Quick efficient installation.  Hot water when we want it... fantastic!

B.Wrzesinske, Glendale, AZ


This was one of the best home improvements I ever made. I am so pleased with having hot water every time I turn it on ... I find myself with a big smile on my face!!

 C.  Brown, Oceanside, CA


I originally tried a CHILIPEPPER APPLIANCE same function, but extremely loud and unpleasant.  Yours is a well built device ... Super Quiet!  I will probably order a 2nd unit soon for another 2nd floor bathroom (on its own water heater).

T. Stoa, Decatur, IL


Easy Connections.  Went right to work,  Functions as advertised.  Did not use timer.  Saving water and gas

G. Scatterday, Dallas, OR


"Well made, easy to install and does what it says it will do."

P. Buckethal, Greenwood, SC


Am impressed with quiet operation ... and simple installation

W. Van Vorst, Pacific Palisades, CA


"I, too, was a skeptic.  Now I am a believer.  It is so nice not to be wasting gallons of water a day waiting for hot water.  This is the most flexible, economical device I've seen on the market to date."

J. Robinson, Enid, OK


  Thank you for ReadyTemp!  For 32 years we had to wait several minutes to get hot water in our master and main bathrooms.  If we delayed the second shower, we would have to repeat the process.  Now we have hot water immediately.  I appreciate the ease of self installation, the unit is quietness and its ability to schedule its operation during our needy times.  Thanks again!!!


C. Peckham, Corvallis, OR


Only been in for one week, but so far doing as advertised... I am a happy camper.

A. Enerof, Mesa, AZ



If I had more time, I could sell these.  They are very good!

J. Lewis, Sun City West, AZ


Love the immediate hot water

J Etesnick, Glendale AZ


It is wonderful to have instant hot water.


D. Cook, Goodyear, AZ


Saves running a lot of water before the hot water comes down to the bathrooms


J. Anastasio, Sun City West, AZ


A blessing for anyone with a conscience regarding water wasted, especially in the desert!


L. Kelleher, Scottsdale, AZ


Hook up was easy and instructions were good.


H. Wood, Albuquerque, NM


Nice Piece, Easy to install


C. Harrison, Phoenix, AZ


We are very pleased with our ReadyTemp.  It is a great pleasure to have instant hot water.


J. Canaris, Albuquerque, NM



Like it very much, very convenient to have hot water on demand


E. Osborne, Mesa, AZ


What an incredible improvement of waiting 4 minutes for hot water to merely seconds!  We are delighted & will refer you to friends!


L. Lash, Cave Creek, AZ


Before 4 minutes for hot water, now 2 to 3 seconds.  Excellent!


G. Metcalf, Goodyear, AZ


Working as expected


F. Petrarca, Goodyear, AZ


Great investment to save on water usage.


J. Gallagher, Peoria, AZ


Wish we had done this years ago!


K. Bulkley, Mesa, AZ


I love it so much that I recommended it to friends and family.


D. Birski, Phoenix, AZ



Done very professionally.  Works very well.  Meets our expectations.


R. Wells, Tucson, AZ



So wonderful we will get our friends to get one as well, good job!!


P. Chesney, La Quinta, CA



It is working fine and doing what I wanted it to do.


F. Spetz, Glendale, AZ



We really enjoy and appreciate the ReadyTemp system, thank you.


D. Bradley, Oceanside, CA



Will be purchasing another!


J. Daidone, Scottsdale, AZ



A lifesaver! Never know life could improve with instant hot water!


J. Frank, Phoenix, AZ



Finally we have hot water on demand.


R. Johnson, Granite Bay, CA



Unit looks and works great!


L. Braybill, Granite Bay, CA



Surprised that such a small appliance could make such a difference in producing hot water to our faucets.


F. Bannan, Sun City, AZ



It is a pleasure not to have to run the hot water for 3 or 4 minutes every time you need to use it, before you get any.


A. Vogel, Mesa, AZ



Everyone should have one.  Saves lots of water going down the drain.  Thank you.


R. Thomas, Peoria, AZ



Should have known about this 25 years ago when we bought the house.


L. Lacy, Phoenix, AZ



We are very blessed to have a ReadyTemp unit in our home.  It works great!  A great water saver and the convenience of having immediate hot water in the shower is just wonderful.


V. Fortuna, Vista, CA



Been looking for your reliable product for years.  I hated to run the hot water for over two minutes each time we wanted to have hot water in the far bathroom or the kitchen.  The hot water heater is at the other end of the house.


B. Spanser, Oro Valley, AZ



WOW! It is nice to have instant hot water, Happy face drawn.


M. Cox, Phoenix, AZ




Works Great,  Easy to install by homeowner.


G. Scatterday, Dallas, OR



Best investment in equipment I ever made.


R. Hay, Glendale, AZ



It is nice not to have to wait 2 minutes for hot water in my shower..


R. Turner, Sun City West, AZ



Very neat installation package. Love It


R. & D. Arnold, Sun City, AZ



Outstanding unit performance- Very satisfied!


J. Chiasson, Tucson, AZ



Do not want to be without it!


V. Hyndman, Oceanside, CA



Great improvement over pump we had!


N. Laubach, Scottsdale, AZ



Sure saves wasting a lot of water down the drain!


K. Kugel, Sun City West, AZ



We have been wanting something of this nature for a long time.  We have wasted a lot of water over the years.


A. Hampton, Sun City, AZ



I am recommending this unit to all residents of our development who have the same model house that we have.


C. Thompson



We think our home builder should be more interested in saving our water.  We do not need another government regulation to have everyone comply.  Thanks.


B. Hlas, Goodyear, AZ



This product seems to be very well made and efficient.  I hesitated buying it because I felt the price was high, and I think you could get better sales results if the price was reduced.  However, it does perform the job and I would recommend it to my friends.


J. Browning, Valley Springs, CA



I cannot believe that when I turn on the hot water faucet, Hot water comes out almost immediately.


N. Kaplan, Scottsdale, AZ



My unit was just installed and I am already ECSTATIC.  A two minute wait for tepid to warm water was making me a shrew.


B. Nelson, Rocklin, CA



A very compact and well made unit.


C. Ahlstrom, Pahrump, NV



We got immediate results (as advertised) after installation.


J. Hall, Tucson, AZ



Do not know how we got along without it.


L. Lacy, Phoenix, AZ



We are grateful we saw an article in the little neighborhood paper, Northwest Explorer about the ReadyTemp and got immediately got in touch with you.


A. Leininger, Tucson, AZ



Sending the warranty card so late, I realize there is only one year left ... just wanted to register in case we needed to be notified about the product, am very happy with it.


L. Thomas, Benson, AZ



Hot water at last after all these years.  Glad we ran into you at the show.


H. Speanl, Carmichael, CA



It is great to have instant hot water for a change!


J. Feller, Roseville, CA



Installation was very simple.  Self-installed.


D.Auer, Fountain Hills, AZ



I have hot water in my bathroom without running gallons down the drain.


F. Leisch, Tempe, AZ




This is what we have been needing for years. Thanks


B. Rubin, Albuquerque, NM



So far, 1 week later, the system performs as well or better than I expected.


C. Renner, Albuquerque, NM



Thanks Very Much ... it is terrific!


J. Vickers, Albuquerque, NM



The ReadyTemp has taken care of seemingly endless waits for hot water and water waste.  We are extremely pleased!


R. Garcia, Albuquerque, NM



ReadyTemp was the answer to our hot water problems without costly changes.  The unit is functioning well and is being used approx 8 hours of the day. 


B. Werley, Tijeras, NM



Neat installation, works great


D. Kenney, Albuquerque, NM



Owned one previously and was very pleased with its performance.


V. La Jolla,  TCA, La Jolla, CA



Have hot water in my kitchen right away for first time in 21 years!


W. Johnson, Albuquerque, NM




We think this unit will save us dollars eventually ... we waste gallons of water!


M. Criddle, Glendale, AZ


They wanted $1500 for the same thing when we had our house built in Saddlebrooke.  I am sure glad I did not do it then but waited for ReadyTemp at only 1/3 the price.  It works wonderfully.  Thank you.


B. Henderson, Tucson, AZ