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To understand how an efficient hot water circulator works consider the affect these inefficiencies have on comfort and energy consumption.  Efficient hot water circulators "do not" place demand on water heaters when flushing a toilet, watering your lawn or opening a cold water tap.  Having an inefficient hot water circulator as just described can significantly effect your pocket book.  ReadyTemp systems prevent hot water line siphoning during cold water use by incorporating a hot water solenoid valve and our Intelli-Circ controller.  Thus, eliminating the reoccurring costly demand placed on water heaters by competitor systems with inadequate flow control.  See how with this short animation.   Watch clip now.



Intelli-Circ Controller

Minimizes demand and extends any pump's lifecycle while optimizing control, convenience and savings.


Negatively Affect Efficiency / Savings





hot water circulation process, ReadyTemp pumps cooled down water out of the hot water line and back to the water heater using the homes existing cold water line.  When the hot water is again hot, the pump stops.

ReadyTemp installs at the most distant fixture on the hot water line.  ReadyTemp's internal "water contacting" temperature probe senses real time actual hot water temperature in the line at the point of installation.  Efficient systems use "cyclic pumping", pumping only as needed based on water temperature.  ReadyTemp's internal pump cycles on and off only "as needed" maintaining ready hot water at your chosen ideal instant hot water comfort temp.   Whether installed under a sink, under a floor or in a closet it doesn't matter.  ReadyTemp only requires connection to both hot and cold water lines at or near the end of the plumbing line.  By installing at the farthest point from the water heater ensures convenient ready hot water at all taps on the line.  In situations where a tub or shower is the farthest point on the plumbing line, installing the ReadyTemp under the nearest sink to that tub or shower will minimize the wait for hot water to that tub or shower. 

On a Closed-Looped installation ReadyTemp installs "anywhere" past the last fixture on the hot water loop.  While ReadyTemp can be installed at the water heater on a closed loop system, significant energy savings can be realized by installing just past the last fixture.  In this way hot water is maintained only where fixtures are located.   


Hot Water Circulation and Hot Water Recirculation


Hot Water Circulation System (highest install cost, highest operating cost, greatest hot water comfort, no influence on cold water comfort)

A hot water circulation system / closed-loop system uses a dedicated hot water pipe which loops throughout the home beginning and ending at the water heater.  With this type of system the temperature of the hot water which is instantly available out of the tap can quite high.  The initial cost of these systems are much higher due to  the amount of piping needed to complete the dedicated loop in the home.  Creating a hot water loop in a already built structure can cost two to three times the normal cost had it been done during the construction of the home.  The operating expense of these systems are always  higher when compared to a recirculation system due to the higher thermal energy used and heat loss from twice the length of pipe as a standard home without such a system.  With these systems the pump is generally installed at the end of the hot water loop and attached to the water heater. 


Hot Water Recirculation (lower install cost, lower operating cost, lower hot water temperature, influence on cold water comfort)

A hot water recirculation system / open-loop system utilizes the homes existing cold water pipe to return cool water in the hot water pipes back to the water heater for reheating.  System efficiency and degree of comfort depends on the level of accuracy in;


Inaccuracies in sensing temperature using a pipe clamp-on temperature sensor can lead to poor pumping start and stop cycles leaving owners to still wait for hot water (pump stops too soon) or having to now wait for cold water (pump stops too late).  Having adjustable control of the temperature set point allows the owner to make corrections to the pump cycling and enjoy the comfort they desire.  Generally, the greater level of control / technology, the higher the efficiency and comfort.  The highest level of comfort requires that homeowner have ability to select / control temperature to match their desired comfort level and reduce wait times for hot or cold water delivery. 




When choosing a system consider the following;

  • Low power systems may perform adequately during summer months but, often are inadequate during colder seasons and even less when plumbing lines are imbedded in the homes foundation.  These homes require the higher flow rates found in the ReadyTemp to compensate for the greater thermal losses from foundations and seasonal cold climates.

  • Maintenance or periodic cleaning requirements.  Only the ReadyTemp is calcium proof, hard water friendly and DOES NOT require a water softener or periodic maintenance.. Many manufacturers require homes have a water softener especially in hard water areas.  Often these cheaper less durable systems often require periodic inspection and cleaning and have known to fail within the first or second year if a required cleaning is forgotten or missed.

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