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Are additional parts needed to install the ReadyTemp?

No.  ReadyTemp comes complete with two stainless steel 30" flex lines, a power cord, a digital 8 event timer, user guide.  No additional parts are needed. 


What makes ReadyTemp more cost efficient?

Second only to air conditioning, hot water heating is the biggest part of a homes monthly energy bill.  Purchasing a recirculation system based solely  on whether it's the cheapest or the easiest to install without also considering comfort and efficiency often results in costly energy bills and years of discomfort.    ReadyTemp's efficient space industry technology used in managing and controlling hot water circulation coupled with the homeowners ability to optimize the system to their desired comfort temperatures eliminates the problems of discomfort and inefficiency experienced with other systems on the market.  Spending extra for a system that is more efficient and delivers greater comfort, year after year, without any required maintenance or periodic cleanings is a sound investment.  Especially when compared with a system in which flushing a toilet, watering your lawn or just using cold water increases the demand on your water heater.  (Read more).


How does ReadyTemp achieve superior water savings?

Homeowners have unique comfort lifestyles.  ReadyTemp's adjustable temperature control allows the homeowner to fine tune / dial-in to their optimized perfect hot water. The closer your instantly available hot water matches your desired hot water temperature the more water you'll save from going down the drain and equally less cold city water will enter your water heater.. 


By using "normally closed" valves ReadyTemp engineers have eliminated hot water line siphoning.  Hot water line siphoning is the process in which water from the hot water line enters your cold water line when homeowners only open the cold water faucet, delivering a mixture of water from the hot water line and the cold water line even though they only wanted to use cold water.  ReadyTemp competitors market thermostatic valve recirculation systems which utilize a "normally open" crossover valve which doesn't close until hot water contacts it.  Thus, owners of these systems have to wait for water hot enough to close the normally open valve to prevent the siphoning before they receive water exclusively from their cold water line.


How is ReadyTemp less demanding on the water heater?

ReadyTemp's "normally closed" valve technology prevents water from being siphoned into the cold water line from the hot water line during cold water usage.  Unfortunately, this is not the case with thermostatic crossover valve systems in which the crossover valve remains "normally open" 95F or greater hot water contacts the valve to keep it closed.  An open crossover valve permits water to be siphoned from the hot water line due to the drop in water pressure in the cold water line during cold water usage.  Any water which gets siphoned from the hot water line results in added demand to the water heater as very cold city water enters the hot water heater to replace that which siphoned into the cold water line during the cold water usage event (flushing toilets, watering lawns, etc.)   ReadyTemp prevents the re-occurring costly demand on the water heater caused from hot water line siphoning, saving hundreds of dollars in wasted energy each year.


Additional energy savings result from ReadyTemp's cyclic temperature based pump operations.  Thermostatic recirculation systems require continuous pumping during scheduled on times to maintain pressure on their crossover valves.  The ReadyTemp cycles on and off based on water temperature saving valuable electrical energy as well as greatly extending the pumps life cycle.


Do I need a ReadyTemp at every sink / shower in my home?

No.  By installing the ReadyTemp at the end of a plumbing line all sinks / showers on that line will be covered by the ReadyTemp. 


How can I test to find out which sink is the last sink on a plumbing line?

There is a simple test you can perform.  Go to the sink that you believe to be the last sink on the plumbing line.  Turn on the hot water at that sink.  Once hot water is coming out the faucet, immediately go check the hot water faucets in the home.  If hot water arrives quicker than normal, that that sink would also be covered by installing at the originally test sink.  After just a few tests you'll know which sinks are covered or are on the same plumbing line.  It is not uncommon to have more than one ReadyTemp installed in a single home.  They do not conflict with one another and there are additional benefits to having "zone" control individual settings for different parts of your home.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the number shown on our contact page.


Will ReadyTemp work with multi-level homes?

Yes, and has worked successfully on homes up to 3 floors.


How is ReadyTemp protected from calcium or hard water?

ReadyTemp's patented manifold is constructed of patented DuPont material that's proven itself for more than ten years in preventing ANY calcium or mineral buildup guaranteeing long uninterrupted comfort.  No required periodic pump disassembling / inspections to worry about and no required water softener in the home.


Why custom builders prefer the ReadyTemp?

Buyers want the perks and amenities that fit 21st-century lifestyles.  The ReadyTemp easily adapts to most any desired control style like X-10 home automation, motion sensor, occupancy sensor, etc.  Likewise, the ReadyTemp puts the homeowner in control of their comfort with the flexibility to easily adjust to their desired perfect hot water temperature.  And, with ReadyTemp's positive crossover protection and cyclic pump operations, the homes cold water comfort is not sacrificed. 




How does the water get hot?

The ReadyTemp has an extremely sensitive scientific grade stainless steel temperature probe which is strategically placed at the hot water crossover point and imbedded into our patented manifold.  When the water in the hot water line cools below the homeowners set temperature, a highly efficient pump sends the cool water out of the hot water line into the cold water line while bringing hot water from the homes water heater to be readily available the instant the homeowner opens the tap..  Once the water in the hot water line is at the temperature set by the homeowner, the pump stops. 


Limitless control capabilities

ReadyTemp's timer pulls straight out to reveal a standard 3 prong wall out.  This outlet will accept any type of outlet controlling device.   A few are shown in the illustration below.  Making the ReadyTemp extremely versatile and easily customizable.  Changing the control style is as simple as unplug old control and plug-in the new control.   Concerned with having to reprogram operating schedules because of power failures, simply replace the timer with a battery operated timer which maintains settings during power failures.


Swappable Control Socket

Timer "B" unplugs  from control socket (a standard 3-prong wall socket) and accepts any

 appliance "outlet control" device and are easily available at home improvement

 stores, electronic stores and internet




Below are a few CONTROL EXAMPLES (not included):

A = Wireless Push Button Control  / On Demand Hot Water (no wires have to be run throughout home)

B = Standard Timer Control comes standard with every unit.

C = X-10 Home Automation Control easily integrates with any home automation system.

D = Premium Timer 98 Event / 7 Day  allows for custom by-day timer control

E = Sound Activated Control Device (TheClapper set in the "away mode" or burglar mode or any other sound activated control)



Foot / Pedal Switch (similar to Christmas light switch)

Light Activated Switch (similar to those which turn on and off the lights outdoors)

Voice Activated Switch easily found on internet (




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